A Land of Breathtaking Beauty

Pakistan extends along both sides of the historic Indus River, following its course from the mountain valleys of the Himalayas down to the Arabian Sea. Bordering with India, China, Afghanistan and Iran, it is strategically located along the ancient trade routes between Asia and Europe. Pakistan’s territory includes a wide variety of landscapes, from arid deserts, lush green valleys to stark mountain peaks. Pakistan is located in South Asia. Its neighbours include India, Afghanistan, Iran and China. Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan. You can learn more about the peculiarities of this intriguing country through our Pakistan Travel Guide. More details about Pakistan visa requirements and application process depending on your nationality of origin are explained below. Do not forget to buy your Pakistan Flight Ticket as the first step of your preparations. For visa assistance and information please visit the following link:


You can also downloads the complete visa guide book from the following link:

 Pakistan Visa application_guide.  


Conference Visa Requirements


Foreign citizens who wish to participate in sports, conferences, seminars and various cultural events taking place in Pakistan can apply for this visa.

Application Type

You can apply for two types of visas online :

First Time (New)

You can apply for a new visa if you do not possess a valid Pakistan visa.

Extension: You can apply for a visa extension if you posses a valid Pakistan visa and you are residing in Pakistan.


All Countries

Applicant Must Apply 6 Weeks in Advance of the Event he/she intends to attend.


Required Documents




Invitation letter from host organization [In case of accompanying family, there should be a provision to provide Invitation letter specifically extended for the family and should carry their entire details]

You are required to upload proof of legal residence,  in case you are not present in your home country and are applying for visa from a third country, it’s a mandatory requirement! The document can be uploaded in the supporting document type:

In Case of Extension Please upload proof of Valid Pakistani Visa for which you are seeking Extension and Entry Stamp on your Passport in the supporting document type:

The duration and validity of the visa is subjected to the duration of the event.

In case of extension, please make sure that you have a valid Pakistani Visa and are residing in Pakistan as well.

Issuance of Visa is the prerogative of the Government of Pakistan.

7-10 Days (Working days – First Time Entry)

7-10 Days (Working days – Visa Extension)

Please Note: : If the application is Sent Back for Review to the Applicant, the set processing time will be applicable again (The processing time will re-start from the date of re-submission of application)